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I have experience in conducting both qualitative and quantitative research methods, including the use of machine learning to uncover valuable insights about users. Additionally, I have hands-on experience working with B2B users.

Data Personas

Youse Insurance

How to create personas that don't become obsolete as the company scales?

This is the story of how we used Machine Learning to create Product personas and increased Marketing ad performance by 300%.

Click to read the full case study.

Homem na roda

Rewards Program

Youse Insurance

We knew that users who participated in the loyalty program had a higher lifetime value (LT). However, only 5% of our users were participating in the program.

A case study on how we increased the number of program participants by 260% through research findings.

Click here to read the full case.

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Credit Card Behaviour

Cora Bank

What could lead users with a balance in their account to delay the credit card bill payment?

In this case study, I'll tell you how we identified the main factors contributing to delinquency in credit card bill payments.

Click to read the full case study.

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